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Wahl 5 Star Detailer Lower Housing

Wahl 5 Star Detailer Lower Housing


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The Wahl 5 Star Detailer Lower Housing is a crucial replacement part for your Wahl 5-Star Detailer trimmer if the original housing is cracked, damaged, or malfunctioning. Here's what you need to know:


    • Forms the bottom half of the Wahl 5-Star Detailer trimmer.
    • Houses internal components like the motor and switches.
    • Protects the internal components from damage.


    • Available in versions for both the older (#8081) and newer (#8136) models of the Wahl 5-Star Detailer.
    • Ensure you purchase the correct version compatible with your specific trimmer model.

Benefits of replacing:

    • Restores proper functionality and aesthetics of your trimmer if the current housing is damaged.
    • Improves safety by preventing exposure to internal components.
    • Can potentially extend the lifespan of your trimmer by protecting internal parts.
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