Repair Department

At 614 Barber Supply, we have a full Sharpening and Repair center. We treat your tools like our own tools. We guarantee everything we service and are here to answer all your questions regarding your tools and equipment.  We carry all parts and service every repairable unit for Shears, Blades, Clippers, Trimmers, Dryers, and more.

We are proud to be an authorized service center for Andis and Oster as well as a distributor for repairing Wahl clippers, Latherkings (new and old styles) and much more. 

​If you are unsure, Don't hesitate to call 614-771-1030. We're here to help. Please see below for pricing.

Repair Service Menu

Shear Sharpening:

  • Professional Shears - $25.00
  • Non-Professional Shears - $20.00
  • Dog Nail Clippers - $15.00

Blade Sharpening:
(Discount on 10+ Blades)

  • Clipper Blades - $9.00 each set
  • 5/1 Arco Blades - $13.00 each set
  • Animal Blades (T-84's & All Wide Blades) - $12.50 each set

Specialty Shear Sharpening:

  • Most non-professional shears - $20.00
  • Surgical Shears - $25.00
  • Dog Nail Clippers - $15.00​

Clipper & Trimmer Service / Repairs:

  • Professional Trimmers (Cord and Cordless) - $20.00 plus parts
  • Professional Clippers (Cord and Cordless) - $32.00 plus parts
  • Animal Clipper - $35.00 plus parts
  • Large Animal Clipper - $55 plus parts

Dryer & Vacuum Service / Repairs:

  • Grooming Hair Dryers/Blowers - $100.00 plus parts

Specialty Service / Repairs:

  • Hot Lather Machines - $35.00

Please call or email us if you are unsure if we can repair, service, sharpen your items, or if you just have a silly question. We are more then happy to help.


**Declined estimates (work not performed) will incur a $20 diagnosis fee, covering time & reassembly of customer's unit.


  • We are an authorized service center for Andis, Oster, and Shark Fin.
  • We are an authorized distributor for Andis, Oster, Wahl, Babyliss, Geib, Collins, Latherking, Campbells, and much more.
  • We carry most parts in stock for the clipper and trimmer brands we sell except Babyliss (no parts available).
  • If we have to order parts, we will let you know what parts and an estimated time your service will be ready.
  • Some blades may need new parts: tension springs, glide bars, sockets, and/or screws; these are not included in the sharpening fee.
  • Heavily rusted blades are subject to a $2.50 up-charge to remove rust.
  • If you are sending in multiple items, please include a note on each item explaining any known issues and/or work to be per-formed.


  • We use USPS, UPS, and FedEx to ship items back to you. If you have special instructions or want shipping insurance, please let us know.
  • We pack your items with care to return them back to you safely.

Our work is 100% guaranteed. If there is ever an issue, please contact us so we can resolve it for you. Dropped or mishandled units void warranty.