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Uppercut Deluxe Valiant Keyring

Uppercut Deluxe Valiant Keyring


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The Valiant graphic is a favorite of the UCD team. Strong and bold, just like its namesake, the classic Chrysler (or Holden for the Aussies) Valiant.

Inspired by the mid-century workshops of yesteryear, we put together a little capsule comprising of a metal sign to hang proudly in your shop or garage, a Tee shirt to fly the flag and a keyring, because we can't all be lucky enough to own a piece of driving history.

Everyone needs a good keyring. They not only keep your keys together, but makes them a little easier to find when you misplace them! What more could you want?

This Keyring is a heavy duty canvas, woven Valiant graphic and stitched sides. It'll take whatever you give it and only get better with age.
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