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Mane Tame

Mane Tame Base Builder Prestyler 2oz

Mane Tame Base Builder Prestyler 2oz


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Ideal for adding volume and texture to Medium – Fine hair types, the MANE TAME Base Builder establishes a foundation at the root of the hair follicle to create density allowing for more fullness and volume. Can be applied on towel-dried hair before blow drying to give your hair the thick foundation desired or can be used as your primary styling aid for a matte natural finish. For those clients who want to give their hair a prestyling boost, this one-of-a-kind item will give you the foundation needed to build your hair to the volume or style you want, every time.

    How to use:
    NOTE: For best results apply to towel-dried hair before blow drying. Can also be applied to towel-dried hair without use of hair dryer.

    1) With one fingertip, scoop a small amount of product and rub between fingers (no palms) to activate.

    2) Apply to the roots of your hair with your fingertips, then blow dry.

    3) Complete the look with one of MANE TAME’s styling products or style alone for a matte natural look.


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