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L3VEL3 Hard Wax Beads

L3VEL3 Hard Wax Beads


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Wax on, wax off for smoother skin. Face and body wax beads made with purifying carbon.

Whether you’re into DIY hair removal or you own a professional salon, waxing is a sure-fire way to smoother skin. While waxing used to be a drama with messy products and tricky application, we’ve simplified the process. Without the need for strips, our hard wax beads whip hair out at the root to leave skin baby-soft and smooth. The wax simply peels away, taking hair with it and simultaneously exfoliating the skin thanks to the black carbon formula. The wax can be used on face and body, from nasal hair to hair-down-there. Results are instant and long-lasting, so anytime can be nekkid time.

Key Features

  • Fast and easy application with no strips needed for flawless results
  • Removes unwanted hair from the root for long-lasting smoothness
  • Made with carbon black wax to remove impurities for clearer skin
  • Gentle on delicate skin, can be used on face and body for all hair types
  • Mess-free, convenient, and great value for home and barber shop use

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Using our wax beads for hair removal is a no-brainer. With no strips needed, these beads offer an easy, mess-free way to banish unwanted hair on face and body. They also deliver flawless, long-lasting results, whether you’re a first-time DIY waxer or a professional waxologist. The beads contain charcoal to exfoliate and purify the skin as they remove hair, so you get double the smoothness. What’s more, you have complete control over how much wax you use, so you can effortlessly perform both full-body and precision waxes.

Wait – no strips? You heard right. These are peel-off wax beads that don’t require any separate strips. You simply melt the appropriate number of beads, apply the wax to the skin and leave it to harden, then peel it and the unwanted hair away. It’s fast, it’s fuss-free, but it yields unbelievably smooth and long-lasting results. The wax is tough on stubborn hair but gentle on delicate areas and can be used on all hair and skin types.

Them beads, they be black, and there’s a reason for that. They’re made of carbon black wax, which is a fancy way of saying they’re charcoal-based. Charcoal wax beads not only remove hair from the root but also exfoliate dead cells and detoxify the skin for extra silky-smoothness. With no impurities left behind, the skin can recover quickly and fully after waxing, with a reduced risk of infected follicles.
Mess-free, convenient, effective, and great value, these hard wax beans are ideal for self-care and salon clients. Shaving in the shower? Ditch the razor and gift yourself smoother skin for longer. Stuck on wax strips? Your clients value their time, so deliver better results, faster with our professional wax beads.

Size: 500g

How to Use

  • Melt the number of beads required for the particular area
  • Use a spatula to apply an even layer of wax that’s thicker at the edges
  • Apply in the direction of hair growth
  • Let the wax dry for a few seconds until it hardens
  • Peel off the wax, taking the unwanted hair with it
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