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Just a Touch

Just a Touch Toccare Notte Cologne

Just a Touch Toccare Notte Cologne


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Toccare Notte is the eau de parfum for a gentleman that decides his destiny with independence and determination.

A strong, mysterious and unexpected character. An aromatic-wooded with amber and musk notes that pairs with New Caledonia sandalwood & grapefruit to communicate intensity and confidence.


An excellent touch for a night out. She won’t be disappointed.


Top Notes

Hedione, Lavender Wool, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Heart Notes

Grapefruit, dry citron notes, Labdanum

Base Notes

Incense, Ginger, Sandalwood


Eau de Parfum - Made in Italy -  10mL Travel, 50mL and 100mL sizes available 

*Fragrance tip: An Eau De Parfum has an oil concentration between 15 to 20%. On average, you can get a solid six to eight hours of your fragrance working hard. In comparison to a Eau de toilette that only contains an oil concentration between 5% to 15% will normally only last two to three hours.**

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