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I Love Being A Barber

I Love Being A Barber Nano Mister Spray System

I Love Being A Barber Nano Mister Spray System


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I Love Being A Barber Nano Mister Spray System

The advanced Nano atomization technology ensures unparalleled and uniform coverage when applied to hair, skin, or hard surfaces. When utilized on the skin, it enhances absorption, soothing and tightening pores for a remarkably smooth outcome. Ideal for professional barbers, stylists, and home use, the I Love Being A Barber Nano Mister efficiently mists hair, refreshes skin, and cleans surfaces. Its Nano nozzle atomization technology releases a precise and ultra-fine mist, guaranteeing liquids reach their intended destination, thus keeping stations and clients dry.

Designed with a cutting-edge Lithium-ion battery, this device delivers a remarkable 90 minutes of cordless run-time on its low setting and 60 minutes on its high setting. It can be easily recharged through a USB Type-C connection, ensuring compatibility for worldwide use with 5V and 10Watts input. Controlling the high and low mist settings is as simple as touching the buttons, and a convenient LED light indicates when it's fully charged.

This cordless and compact handheld design makes it perfect for travel purposes as well. With a generous 13 ounces high-capacity water storage, you'll experience less frequent refills, longer usage, and greater coverage, all accompanied by a quiet operation that ensures a peaceful atmosphere.

Usage Instructions:
1. Fill the device with water. Alternatively, you can mix it with any non-viscous liquid like alcohol, astringent, or cologne to enhance the overall experience.
2. Once charging is finished, press the power button, and the blue LED light will indicate that the machine is ready to atomize.
3. The device will atomize automatically. Click the power button to choose between high or low mist settings.
4. After completing the atomization process, please remember to turn off the power.
5. While using the device, ensure that the liquid in the water reservoir is kept upright for optimal performance.
6. Spray the mist on hair, skin, or barber/salon chairs and stations as needed to enjoy its benefits.

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