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Damage Control

Damage Control Tattoo Magic Aftercare Balm

Damage Control Tattoo Magic Aftercare Balm


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Condition and care for your tattoos with the Damage Control Skin FX Tattoo Magic. Through their holistic practices, Mayan healers sought to repair imbalances through the regenerative potential of plants and herbs. Contains 20% Tepezcohuite, an ancient, indigenous tree extract, responsibly sourced from Mexico. Shea Butter, Tepezcohuite and Vegetable Based Emollients work together to nourish and comfort dry, damaged skin.
    • Power infused with Tepezcohuite extract, used by the ancient Mayans to promote healing

    • Absorbs well, doesn’t stick to clothing

    • Nourishes deeply with no ‘greasy’ finish.

    • Reduces scabbing effect, helping to decrease healing time

    • Can be used liberally without risk of over-use (like the red rash that can come from over-using plain Vitamin E)

    • Proven effective on tattoos by professional tattoo artists

    • Effectively nourishes very dry skin

    • 1.7 oz

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