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King Midas

Chemical Proof Apron & King Midas The 1st Cape Set (Black)

Chemical Proof Apron & King Midas The 1st Cape Set (Black)


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 Building an empire is not easy, but with this look you will sure be off to good start! King Midas hair cutting cape and apron combos are classy and professional. Great for any barber or stylist! Purchase the Imperial Chemical Proof Apron & a King Midas cape as a set and enjoy superior quality at a discounted price.


  • Anti Fatigue Cross-Back Strap System

  • Easy To Sanitize

  • Durable & Stain Resistant 

  • One Size Fits Most

  • Lightweight & Does Not Restrict Movement

  • Versatile Zippered Pockets


  • 1. One size fits all

  • 2. Full length client coverage & protection.

  • 3. Lightweight, waterproof, long lasting & durable.

  • 4. Reliable snap button closure.

  • 5. The highest quality and most preferred barber capes on the market.

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