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Campbell's Kids Hair Cloth

Campbell's Kids Hair Cloth


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Keep Haircut Fun for Little Ones: Campbell's Kids Hair Cloth

Make haircutting a breeze for both you and your child with the Campbell's Kids Hair Cloth! This unisex cape is designed for comfort and functionality, making haircuts a positive experience for everyone.

Sized for Kids, Styled for Fun:

  • Unisex Design: This cape is perfect for both boys and girls, eliminating the need for separate capes.
  • Water-Resistant Protection: The high-quality nylon material repels water and stray hairs, keeping your child clean and dry during haircuts.
  • Snap Closure for Easy Use: The convenient snap closure makes putting on and taking off the cape a breeze, even for wiggly kids.
  • Just the Right Size: Measuring 30" x 36", this cape provides ample coverage for children of all sizes.

Campbell's Kids Hair Cloth is the perfect way to transform haircutting from a chore into a fun and positive experience for your child.

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