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Caliber .50 Cal Mag Professional High Speed Magnetic Motor Cordless Clipper 4th Generation, 5-6 Hours of Runtime

Caliber .50 Cal Mag Professional High Speed Magnetic Motor Cordless Clipper 4th Generation, 5-6 Hours of Runtime


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  • Redefined efficiency to maximize precision cutting

  • New dual DLC 2.0 coated blender blades attached

  • Ultra low noise technology

  • 4400 Ma Li-Ion battery

  • Low batter waring indication light system

  • 3 custom colored lids( green, black and silver)

  • Additional DLC taper blades included

  • Additional gold deep teeth cutting blades+ spring included

Experience the next level haircut experience with the new 4th generation Caliber .50 Cal Mag Clipper! This professional hair trimmer for men and women from Caliber is specially designed to provide smooth haircutting for both clients and professional barbers. Our 4th generation linear magnetic motor clipper has a great and consistent rotation and power so you can easily glide and cut through the hair you can achieve a clean and perfect clip and trim. The blades of Caliber .50 Cal Mag Gen4 are made of Black Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) fade blade that stays cooler, rust-free, and sharp for years so you won't have to constantly replace your beard trimmers and hair clippers blades. These electric barber clippers' dual lithium-ion batteries are integrated with advanced smart battery technology that allows every barber or hair professional 5-6 hours of constant use to cut hair, beard, or mustache. This technology also provides a 2-hour rapid charge so you won't have too much downtime when charging the clippers' batteries, especially on a hectic day! The rechargeable hair and beard trimmer for men has a metal click lever that enables barbers and hair salon professionals to utilize the precise adjustment system of the clipper. This way, they'll be able to set the hair length or if they need zero gaps from the head or face. Perfect as hair outliner, for cleaning out the edge, especially behind each ear, cutting split ends, and for close shaving. The Caliber .50 Cal Mag Gen4 Clipper is made with high-quality materials and is built and manufactured with high standards to ensure it's durable and safe for everyday salon and home use. Invest now in advanced and long-lasting personal hair care grooming kits and accessories!

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